Tuesday, 20 December 2011

.Net Framework

Understanding of .NET framework
“.Net framework is a platform on which server side scripting runs and it is a program that runs under IIS.”

.NET framework: It is a windows component that provides support for development and execution of various windows application and XML web services. It includes a large library & provides support for various programming languages which provide language interoperability. Its main purpose is to provide Object Oriented Programming features/environment example: Inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism.

.Net framework basically aims to the following points:

  •    It provides safe execution of code.
  •    It minimizes conflicts among versions & software deployment.
  •    It increases performance of various applications by reducing problem of scripted/interpreted environments.
  •    Its main effort is to provide developer a comfortable environment across a variety of application and platforms.
.Net framework has two major components:

 (1) Common Language Runtime: CLR is an application virtual machine upon which .Net framework has been built.CLR provides services like exception handling, memory management,  thread management, remoting, security.

 (2) Class Library: Class library is a collection of reusable types. It is used to provide support for command line application, GUI applications, web application development, user interface, data access, database connectivity, cryptography, numeric algorithms and network communications.

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