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Monday, 16 January 2012

How to apply "Multi-targeting feature" in ASP.NET 4.0

What is Multi-Targeting:
Multi-Targeting is a feature given in .Net 4.0 that can be used to target a specific version of .Net framework for creating applications.

Limitation in previous versions:
In the previous versions of .NET , the option of targeting some other framework was not available. Users could work in the same version, they installed.

How to use Multi-Targeting Feature:
For using multi-targeting feature , users will have to add “targetframework” attribute in the compilation element of the web.config file.
Example: You will find compilation element after “Caching” attribute.
You can also set this feature in Visual Studio 2010.Just follow these steps:
1: Open Visual Studio 2010.
2: Create NewProject/Website.
3: Select targetframework as shown below-
Now MultiTargeting feature will work according to your choice.

Multi-targeting allows you to use and target multiple versions of .NET.